Thursday, May 30, 2013

Assignment #24 Typing

When I was in the 6th grade our teachers would take us to the computer lab. My teacher would make us go to a website and practice our typing skills for 30mins.

This website I believe is very helpful. There are games to help the students type faster there are games like space invader, typer shark, and typing bubbles. This website looks like it can be very helpful when it comes to learning to type faster. Although u may learn to type faster it is no guarantee that you will type correctly.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

#23-Typing Test #2

My favorite game was spacebar invaders because it was challenging and also because i like ufo's and aliens so it was a very fun and interesting game.

Friday, May 24, 2013

Assignment #22

10: Peer Pressure

9: Social Rewards

8: Risk-taking Behavior

7: Parental Influence

6: Misinformation

5: Genetic Predisposition

4: Advertising

3: Self-medication

2: Media Influences

1: Stress Relief

In my opinion I think that cigarettes are bad. I believe that everyone knows cigarettes are bad for you but some smoke them anyway because it is a stress reliever. I am a smoker the reason that I smoke cigarettes is simply because I believe it's a stress relieve and also because most of my friends smoke as well. I started to smoke at first because I thought that it was cool. I picked up my first cigarette at age 14 I would have never imagined that 3 years later I would still be smoking and now rely on it to relieve me from stress. It doesn't matter why you smoke even the people that smoke know cigarettes are bad and dangerous.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Assignment #18 Bucket List

1.) Go to New York - I want to go to New York because I would like to see the ground zero.

2.) Go to a professional soccer game - Ever since I was a little kid I would watch soccer games on T.V and i've always wanted to go to a real one in a stadium.

3.) To visit France - I would like to go to France just to look around I think France is a beautiful place and I really want to visit it.

4.)  Go sky diving - I have a fear of heights and before I die I would want to conquer my fear and do sky diving.

5.) Go to Hollywood - i've always wanted to go see all the stars on the ground its one of my top dreams to go to Hollywood and visit.