Friday, April 26, 2013

Assignment 15- My dream job

One job that I would like to have Is working as a probation officer. I would like this job to keep young kids on a safe track and help them defeat bad habits. In this essay I will talk about the education needed, the career opportunities, and the hazards of this job. This job is not easy at all you will have to do a lot of paper work and spend most of your time and a court house. There will be a lot of danger, paper work, and late hours.

 The education that you need for this job is not easy to attain. You will need to get your 4 year bachelor's degree, however for this job you might want to seek and internship first to get a feel for the job. Phenix university offers a 4 year course and will also provide real probation officers to teach you more of the job. Needless to say you have to be really committed if you want to pursue this career, it will take a lot of hard work and time so patients is key. I would like to persure this career because, not only would i help other people i would become a better person and learn more about humanity.

For the career opportunities there are plenty of area's that have probation. The City of San Diego specializes in public safety and minimizing crime. In Los Angels the chief has control of the whole county and they also want to increase their public safety and do their best to minimize crime. Probation officers also have different opportunities such as meeting new people and helping them back on the right track, they have the power to change lives and also save some. Probation officers have many opportunities not only on crime but also effecting personal lives.

The hazards of the job are quite a lot and can be stressful at times. Being a probation officer you may have to visit your client at their job or house. Which means having to drive in those parts of town where you would rather not stop at a red light due to fear. Some clients may work well with you but some might see you an enemy of the system and try to kill you. As you may see this job is very dangerous but it has it's benefits of helping not only your city but the people in it.

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